Yet another blog infiltrates the internet.

So, this is the obligatory ‘hello’ post.

Right, now that that’s done with let’s get this out there: I am a reluctant blogger.  More than anything in the world, I want to be a published author. Apparently this means I must have a ‘web presence’. This is the part where I point out that Jane Austin and Shakespeare did not have blogs. Yes, I know, changing times and all that, but still.  However, since all agents seem to agree that a blog is vital, here I am. If it must be done, then I shall do it properly. With minimum griping, I swear.

To start off, here are five facts so you may get to know me.

1: I am a performing Irish Dancer, fresh (and exhausted) from the 2014 St Patrick’s Day season.

2: I’m a self-taught seamstress, I’ve done a few commissions but mostly I sew for my dance school and myself, I love sewing historical and fantasy costumes.

3: I wrote my first novel when I was twelve. 210 glorious pages of clichés, undeveloped characters, and terrible writing. Obviously that manuscript will never see the light of day, but that’s where it all started.

4: I love weapons. I own (and shoot) two beautiful longbows, more swords and knives then I can count, and various other destructive things. Come at me zombie apocalypse, I’m ready.

5: I’m a major history geek. Particularly English history, it’s so delightfully bloody. Naturally, this crosses over to my sewing and I will often lose myself for hours looking at/researching historical gowns and millinery.

So, now we’re all acquainted, thanks for reading and hope you come back for more.


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