Titanic Exhibit

I figured I would save my review of the South Florida Science Museum’s Titanic Artifact Exhibit for April 14.  Having been a Titanic enthusiast for as long as I can remember, (well before I saw the movie, thank you very much) I truly enjoyed the exhibit. For the protection of the delicate artifacts, we could not use a camera but I’ve found several pictures online from the exhibit.

An exhibit to remember

 Above is their recreation of a first class room.

And the third class.

As a note of interest to South Florida natives, they had a small exhibit on Madeleine Astor and John Ryerson, Titanic survivors who lived and died in Palm Beach.

And, of course, they had a gift shop.

My mom bought herself a gorgeous tea cup. They had replicas from all classes but we thought the third class ones were the prettiest.

Replica of a third class tea cup and saucer.

Replica of a third class tea cup and saucer.



My loot. The book is very enjoyable, not quite the in-depth research I was hoping for but it has a lot of first-hand anecdotes that really let you look into the individual stories that make this event so memorable. 

And this little oddity, a tooth paste holder. It’s hard to envision tooth paste coming any differently then what we know now. Apparently, they found so many of these jars in the wreck that experts think they were provided in bulk by the ship. This jar, a replica of the ones displayed in the exhibit, is advertising itself as cherry flavored. Ewwwwwww.


Tooth paste holder.

Tooth paste holder.

 As an Irish Dancer, I was tickled when I walked into the first corridor of the exhibit and found that they were playing the Countess Cathleen slip jig from Riverdance. It actually fit the beginning of the exhibit very well, so hopeful and lively.


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