Gowns of Halloweens Past

Is it Halloween yet? No, don’t answer that, you’ll just depress me.  It’s only April and I’m already busy planning Halloween.  We picked our theme two years ago (you read that right, we usually figure out decoration themes a year or more in advance), and I’m 90% sure I have my costume planned (not telling!). Now I just have to wait.

     To tide me over I thought I’d post a review of my last two Halloween costumes. Last year we chose ‘Haunted Faery Tale’ as or theme and the year before that was ‘Wrecked Pirate Ship’.   My costume and the decorated foyer are featured below. 

The Pirate Ballgown.

The Pirate Ballgown.

We covered the walls with black plastic tablecloths then ripped cardboard into planks and painted them to give them a wood texture. Then we glued plastic crabs all over and draped some tattered fabric. With dim, green lighting and a wrecked-ship sound effect CD it looked amazing.

My costume for that year was based on Georgian ball gowns but given a pirate flare.

Here’s a different angle, from when I wore it to a pirate fest, sadly I have no close ups.

(Historical costumers, please forgive the horrible silhouette, I could not even properly lace the gown, much less wear stays, because I had to go straight to a performance after the Pirate Fest)

Second Wearing at Haunted Pirate Fest.

Second Wearing at Haunted Pirate Fest.

The second costume I want to share with you is from our Haunted Faery Tale party, I went for a generic Evil Queen look.

Evil Queen.

Evil Queen.

 Please excuse my vanity, this was the best picture of the dress but the weird face I’m making . . . not so much.  For this dress, I took inspiration from my favorite costume designer, Colleen Atwood ( Sweeney Todd, Snow White and the Huntsman, to name a few of her movies). She frequently uses the opening pattern on the front of the bodice.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my work, I have a huge backlog of costumes that will eventually be posted (except I’m getting distracted by new ones, begging to be sewn). Happy weekend.


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