Small Update

A little voice in my ear keeps hollering, ‘Go blog!’   Well, I’m here and I apoligize for falling behind on my blogging goals. 
     My father had open heart surgery on Saturday so I hope everyone understands that things have been crazy and hard and I really don’t have anything exciting to blog about.  On the writing front, I’m mostly going mad waiting to hear back on queries. Plus, I suddenly decided that about twenty pages in the middle of my manuscript desperately need rewriting. Sigh.

     As for sewing, the only thing I’m working on is a boring real dress for my cousins Bar Mitzvah. Since I lose all interest in fashion right before 1914 this isn’t particularly thrilling. Hopefully when this dress is done I can work on my bustle gown, but since my father is going to be up to six weeks recovering we don’t even know if the trip to Victorian Days in Willimantic is still on.  

In other news, I’m getting excited for Maleficent coming out at the end of this month and there are two new tv shows on the horizon that have potential. Crossbones, premiering on May 30th, and The Musketeers in June.  Pirates and Musketeers, three cheers for swashbucklers!


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