Leather Jerkin

This one has been on my ‘Need to Make’ list for a very long time. The NTM list is vast, consisting of all those projects that you think of and say, “Wow! I need to make that!” and then usually never do. Therefore, it is very gratifying when, once in a while, those wishful ideas become reality.

     this one was scrapped together from the corners of my fabric bins. I had several pieces of leather (And by that I mean fake upholstery leather, but hey) cut in strange long strips, nothing that looked suitable for piecing together a jerkin.  Well, when one has their heart set on a badass leather jerkin one cannot be deterred by small set backs. I cobbled and pinned and hacked and maybe prayed a little.  Luckily, the picture in my mind was of a worn jerkin that’s been through plenty of fights. Plus, I also wanted something with a unique shape and cut. And I think I succeeded!

Rougishly unbuckled.

roguishly unbuckled.

 It’s actually only about 98% finished, I still need a matching brown leather to trim  the bottom. since I have none at the moment that will just have to wait. It fits Sue a little oddly, I think she changed her settings again, on me there are no gaps or pulls. 

Close up of front.

Close up of front.

 I’ve ended up loving the way it was sewn together in weird sections.011  And the best thing about this piece is how versatile it is. Pirate, archer, assassin, steampunk, (or all four in one, a steampunk pirate assassin whose main weapon is a longbow! Whoa, brain cool down, I’m neck-deep in enough half-written books, don’t start getting plot ideas) the possibilities of how to use this are endless. I love it to bits and I am anxiously on the lookout for an event to wear it to.


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