Maleficent Article and Random News.

I came across this short article on the costuming in Maleficent. It’s not very in-depth but worth a quick read if you’re interested.

Also, I’ve finally worked up the courage to admit this. Our trip to Victorian Days Connecticut was unfortunately cancelled. My father just got out of the hospital after five weeks and multiple surgery. He’s facing a long recovery and we can’t leave him for two weeks. It is very disappointing as our itinerary included Salem and the Lizzie Borden house, among many other things. But my dad is out of the hospital and is going to be fine and that is the most important thing, we can always reschedule the trip.

     Does this mean I’m not making my Arsenic Bustle Gown? Absolutely not! It’s just getting bumped back a little bit as the HTTYD premiere date creeps closer and I rush to finish my Berkian Warrior outfit. And the silver lining here is that I no longer need to worry about fitting the dress on a train. That means I can make it as BIG and POOFY as I want.

*Sewing machine groans as it contemplates miles of trim*


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