Agent Appreciation

If you’ve been querying a novel for any length of time than you’re probably quite familiar with the form rejection. A quick, polite, but impersonal ‘not for us’. I understand the reason for these rejection forms, and I’m actually thankful for them because they’re a lot better than no answer at all. However, the other day I heard back from an agent and, while it was still a rejection, it was a personalized rejection. Nothing fancy but the agent wrote that ‘the story was interesting’. Sure, I’d definitely prefer an enthusiastic demand for the full manuscript but after weeks of form letters this scrap of encouragement made me ridiculously grateful. 

     This is a shout out to the agents who take the time out of their work to send us a personalized reply. Your encouragement means the world to a struggling writer.


2 thoughts on “Agent Appreciation

  1. Richard M.G. says:

    I know how you feel. A personal rejection goes a long way. On those standard rejection letters, do you query back (politely and professional, of course) asking why they passed? To some that might sound like a bad idea but I’ve read in Writer’s Digest that as long as it is professional and polite, it could help out in a big way.

    The reason I say that is that I did on one agent (I rather not mention names) and then a week later I got the same standard rejection letter on a email I sent that was just asking (politely and professional, of course) of why they rejected it -_-

    I was just wondering if that happened to anyone else. I’m starting to think that some agents are not being as professional and into the trade 100% as we are. I understand the business is subjective and could be quite busy with the amount of queries they receive, but I mean c’mon, the same rejection letter. That’s unprofessional.

    • dancingseamstress says:

      I haven’t, though I’ve been very tempted! I agree that ignoring a polite request is unprofessional and rather rude. Shooting off the same rejection form tells me that they don’t care. This is a business like any other; I would think they would do their best to be professional and friendly.
      We need some sort of compromise between the personal and form rejection, such as a form where the agent fills in a ‘reason for rejection’ slot (With something other than ‘not for me’!). It seems like it would save a lot of time and frustration all around!

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