Black Ren Shirt.

 I am deep in the midst of sewing and agonizing over writing revisions but I thought I would take the time to make a quick post about the one thing I’ve actually finished. This is a super simple ren/pirate shirt. I made one in white and I’ve always meant to make a black one. 

      So if it’s so easy why did it take me years to get around to actually sewing it? Good question. Moving on.

     My current costuming project demands a black shirt, finally giving me the motivation to dig through my bins of fabric for something suitable. Surprise, the only black fabric I had was a tiny worthless smidge of cotton! I did, however, have this pair of pants that someone gave me made out of a cool, loose-weave, drape-y material.

     I present to you the shirt made out of pants.

042 Simple, easy, and perfect. I gathered the sleeves and attached them to a cuff that closes with a button.

Enourmously full sleeves.

enormously full sleeves.

Now, I have a small confession about the front. I hadn’t quite decided what sort of neck line I wanted and apparently I got a little scissor happy. Somehow I ended up with a great gap down the front of the shirt. Let’s just say it showed A Lot. Since I’m not actually making a Medieval Stripper outfit this had to be rectified. I added a strip down each side of the gap and then embroidered lacing holes for closure.

043 Thankfully all this mistake needed was a little creativity and the end result looks deliberate. Since I still can’t figure out how I managed such a dumb mistake I’m laying all the blame on my scissors. Let this be a warning to everyone! Scissors are sneaky little bastards, don’t trust them! 



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