100 Days till Halloween.

100 days till Halloween!


We are officially in the Halloween pre season! The craft stores are starting to haul out the goods and costumers around the world are turning their attention to this years costuming frenzy.

So what is on my upcoming sewing schedule? Let’s take a look.

Finish my Viking outfit.

Make my mother’s Viking outfit.

Make my brother’s Viking outfit.

Make my costume for Boynton’s Haunted Pirate Fest.

Make my mother’s costume for Haunted Pirate Fest.

Make my main Halloween costume.

Make my mother’s main Halloween costume.

Make various other costumes at the last minute for surprise events/parties.

Make accessories for almost everything.

Not to mention my mother just bought a bunch of fabric so I can make her some skirts. This is the realities of being the only one in the family who knows how to turn on a sewing machine. Virtual slavery.

In light of the enormous amount of work in front of me I’m getting ready to start my main Halloween costume ASAP. If I don’t do it now it will be pushed to the last moment and barely get done as I slave over everyone else costumes. How fair is that since I’m the one doing all the work? Thank you, I’m glad you agree with me.  

All complaining aside though, I LIVE for this. So celebrate! Halloween is coming. (Seriously, go make pumpkin cookies or something.)

I’m too excited about my costume to keep it a secret so next: The Halloween Costume, Revealed!


Viking Cloak and Drinking Horn

So, this viking thing is getting out of hand. First it was just a costume for me, then my friend and I wanted to be vikings, and now my whole family wants to be vikings!

     I mean, ok, who can blame us, Vikings are cool, it’s an occupational hazard.

     So come October, we will be attending an event dressed as a pillaging band of fun-loving vikings, watch out South Florida! You never know where we might show up.

 In the mean time I have a lot of viking sewing coming my way. I’ve been working on mine on and off for months (I may or may not have resewn it three or four times, I just couldn’t make up my mind!) I’m not ready to share the whole costume yet and I’ve yet to start on garb for the family, but to whet your appetite for viking shenanigans here’s the cloak I will be wearing as part of my garb.

Viking short cloak with fur.

Viking short cloak with fur.

What did you say? Yes, I am wearing a fur covered cloak to an event in South Florida. Yes, I may be insane, thank you for asking!  

Closer look at fur.

Closer look at fur.

You may notice there is no hood and no ties to close it, one day I may add these things but for the moment I’m much happier without them. Too often the ties on cloaks end up trying to strangle me, I really hate them around my neck. I went for a much more ‘viking-like’ route and will use brooches to attack the cloak directly to my costume. Hopefully I can find matching ones before the event. The fur attaches to the cloak by snaps so if I get too hot I can ditch the cloak and attach just the fur to my outfit.


Back of cloak, love how this fabric drapes.

Back of cloak, love how this fabric drapes.

 The fur is Rabbit, I picked it up at an Seminole reservation a few years ago. A buck each with no tax, beat that.                                                                                                                                                                    But what’s a viking without their drinking horn?

All the horns, each one is unique.

All the horns, each one is unique.

 We ordered these from Sword Demon, they are natural cow horn and very pretty! They were about fifteen dollars and hold about a cup of liquid. They came with a very sturdy leather holder. Whether we will actually drink from them is up for debate, they do smell very strongly. 

My horn.

My horn.

 My horn is the darkest, isn’t it beautiful?

HTTYD 2 Review.

So you may know that I have been extremely excited for How To Train Your Dragon 2. I was also terrified that it would be no good, because, in my experience, sequels suck. (Not always but about 90% of the time). The first movie has been my favorite movie since the moment I watched it, what if the second one was … an embarrassment?

How to Train Your Dragon 2

      Hiccup’s new look, even Toothless can’t stop admiring it. I almost wish I was a guy, just so I could make his outfit.

I hoped it would be good, I was even pretty sure it would be good. NEVER, in my wildest dreams, did I expect it to be even better than the first one.

                                            IT WAS.


                                        Hiccup meets Valka and Cloudjumper

    The characters, the dragons, the beauty, the emotional intensity, it just blew me away. Some people are probably thinking to themselves, ’emotionally intense? it’s a kid’s movie!’ Well, to you people, STOP. DROP. AND GO SEE THE DAMN MOVIE. You will be blown away, there is nothing childish about it. And then go see it again because it’s even better the second time.  Don’t forget a hanky to discreetly wipe your eyes.

how_to_train_your_dragon_2_all_dragons.jpg  I could gush for hours about what makes this movie and its predecessor perfect but nobody really wants that so I’ll wrap this up with one last observation. THE SCORE. If John Powell doesn’t win with this then I have no more use for humanity. He should have won with the first one, I can’t even begin to understand why he didn’t. Like the movie itself the music was more intense than the first one, darker and more mature. My one tiny regret is that Test Drive (the Flying Theme) from the first movie didn’t play a bigger part. I would have loved to hear a new version of that, but oh well, the new theme was just as amazing.

             Now to wait for the DVD release. Sigh.

I promised some costume updates so stay tuned, they’re up next!

19th Century Rapier

   I had to share this astounding piece, asides from the obvious quality of the blade it’s absolutely gorgeous. I love snakes (one day soon I’ll share some pictures of my babies), and a snake rapier pretty much takes the cake in my opinion.

     Here’s the original website this picture comes from, you might have to translate it from Russian, though.  http://relaxic.net/what-is-this/

malformalady: A rapier, manufactured in the mid-19th century by the technology of the old masters as a gift to one high-ranking person. Such exceptionally flexible rapiers were made in Toledo in the beginning of 17th century. They were sold in gun shops and coiled in a circle to show its flexible properties.







 On a different subject entirely, I have half a dozen costuming projects that are languishing in half-sewn limbo. I (and the rest of my family) work part-time as a caretaker for my grandfather who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Constantly coming and going makes it very hard to finish projects but as of this Monday we have help stepping in, this will greatly relieve the work load for us so I’m hoping to actually finish stuff soon! Stay tuned!

Writer’s Block Busted.

Writer’s Block. The phrase sends shivers down the spines of writers everywhere.

     Dramatic yes, but is there anything worse than sitting there trying to write and finding that your brain is utterly blank? And I’ve just suffered the worst bout I’ve had in a long time. My querying is on hold because I realized there were these pages in the middle that just didn’t work hard enough for the story. It should have taken a day, two at the most.

     Easily a month later I was this close to murdering every character and dumping the novel in a trash heap. My brain was utterly frozen. No, a better word would be over-heated. The stress of trying to write when it wasn’t naturally coming kept me awake at nights and made me fall behind on everything during the day. I tried all the usual remedies; brainstorming in a notebook (which is usually my best inspiration method), working on something else, stopping writing all together.  But nothing, the little voices in my head had stopped.

Writer's Block And then, last night at close to twelve pm BOOM. INSPIRATION. BRAINSTORM. MY IMAGINARY FRIENDS LOVE ME AGAIN.

     I wrote all night. Good bye, writer’s block, won’t miss you!  Writing … it feels wonderful …