Writer’s Block Busted.

Writer’s Block. The phrase sends shivers down the spines of writers everywhere.

     Dramatic yes, but is there anything worse than sitting there trying to write and finding that your brain is utterly blank? And I’ve just suffered the worst bout I’ve had in a long time. My querying is on hold because I realized there were these pages in the middle that just didn’t work hard enough for the story. It should have taken a day, two at the most.

     Easily a month later I was this close to murdering every character and dumping the novel in a trash heap. My brain was utterly frozen. No, a better word would be over-heated. The stress of trying to write when it wasn’t naturally coming kept me awake at nights and made me fall behind on everything during the day. I tried all the usual remedies; brainstorming in a notebook (which is usually my best inspiration method), working on something else, stopping writing all together.  But nothing, the little voices in my head had stopped.

Writer's Block And then, last night at close to twelve pm BOOM. INSPIRATION. BRAINSTORM. MY IMAGINARY FRIENDS LOVE ME AGAIN.

     I wrote all night. Good bye, writer’s block, won’t miss you!  Writing … it feels wonderful …


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