HTTYD 2 Review.

So you may know that I have been extremely excited for How To Train Your Dragon 2. I was also terrified that it would be no good, because, in my experience, sequels suck. (Not always but about 90% of the time). The first movie has been my favorite movie since the moment I watched it, what if the second one was … an embarrassment?

How to Train Your Dragon 2

      Hiccup’s new look, even Toothless can’t stop admiring it. I almost wish I was a guy, just so I could make his outfit.

I hoped it would be good, I was even pretty sure it would be good. NEVER, in my wildest dreams, did I expect it to be even better than the first one.

                                            IT WAS.


                                        Hiccup meets Valka and Cloudjumper

    The characters, the dragons, the beauty, the emotional intensity, it just blew me away. Some people are probably thinking to themselves, ’emotionally intense? it’s a kid’s movie!’ Well, to you people, STOP. DROP. AND GO SEE THE DAMN MOVIE. You will be blown away, there is nothing childish about it. And then go see it again because it’s even better the second time.  Don’t forget a hanky to discreetly wipe your eyes.

how_to_train_your_dragon_2_all_dragons.jpg  I could gush for hours about what makes this movie and its predecessor perfect but nobody really wants that so I’ll wrap this up with one last observation. THE SCORE. If John Powell doesn’t win with this then I have no more use for humanity. He should have won with the first one, I can’t even begin to understand why he didn’t. Like the movie itself the music was more intense than the first one, darker and more mature. My one tiny regret is that Test Drive (the Flying Theme) from the first movie didn’t play a bigger part. I would have loved to hear a new version of that, but oh well, the new theme was just as amazing.

             Now to wait for the DVD release. Sigh.

I promised some costume updates so stay tuned, they’re up next!


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