100 Days till Halloween.

100 days till Halloween!


We are officially in the Halloween pre season! The craft stores are starting to haul out the goods and costumers around the world are turning their attention to this years costuming frenzy.

So what is on my upcoming sewing schedule? Let’s take a look.

Finish my Viking outfit.

Make my mother’s Viking outfit.

Make my brother’s Viking outfit.

Make my costume for Boynton’s Haunted Pirate Fest.

Make my mother’s costume for Haunted Pirate Fest.

Make my main Halloween costume.

Make my mother’s main Halloween costume.

Make various other costumes at the last minute for surprise events/parties.

Make accessories for almost everything.

Not to mention my mother just bought a bunch of fabric so I can make her some skirts. This is the realities of being the only one in the family who knows how to turn on a sewing machine. Virtual slavery.

In light of the enormous amount of work in front of me I’m getting ready to start my main Halloween costume ASAP. If I don’t do it now it will be pushed to the last moment and barely get done as I slave over everyone else costumes. How fair is that since I’m the one doing all the work? Thank you, I’m glad you agree with me.  

All complaining aside though, I LIVE for this. So celebrate! Halloween is coming. (Seriously, go make pumpkin cookies or something.)

I’m too excited about my costume to keep it a secret so next: The Halloween Costume, Revealed!


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