This and That

First thing, you may notice a new page over this aways —> I’m going to keep a dress diary on my Halloween gown (or at least, it will probably be my Halloween gown, sometimes my mind changes last minute so who knows, but either way an awesome dress is happening so check it out).

There hasn’t been that much sewing going on in the last week, I help teach a week long dance camp every summer and, after six hours of fifteen or so kids doing hardshoe drills in a small room, the only thing I wanted to do when I got home was lie down with an ice pack on my head. My writing didn’t suffer as badly as I thought it would, I got a couple of queries sent out, my synopsis is mostly rewritten (just need to force myself to proofread it once more) and I even found a half hour to do some real writing before I had to leave in the mornings. 

     I have to admit, teaching kids is not something I really enjoy, but teaching at the camp is a great experience and it also helps me hone my techniques.

Turn out.JPG
(Photo credits to Marie Marzi) 

Next, for those of you who are struggling with querying your novel, here’s an author who offers to critique your query, your synopsis and the first ten pages of your book for $25 her specialties are YA SF/F. The only thing is there is no information on how to submit your work, maybe y’all will have better luck finding it.

Is anyone else watching the BBCA show The Musketeers? My whole family is loving it, it’s the perfect mix of humor, sword fighting, and hot guys in leather (or ladies in low stays if that’s your preference).

the-musketeers-series-1-(5) Asides from all that awesome leather, the costumes (while some are pretty) are mostly a motley array of inaccuracies but since I’m enjoying the show I’m trying not to let it bother me. If you like fun adventure/drama then I would highly recommend the show to you.

On the same note, I tried watching the pirate drama Crossbones … Yawn.


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