Dragon Trainer Jacket

On Friday we had a severe thunderstorm and it succeeded in knocking out our internet connection for the entire weekend. In this day and age a weekend without internet is catastrophic to most people but it really doesn’t bother me. I got a ton of writing done and completed a spur of the moment sewing project. I was regarding the piles of fabric waiting to be sewn into costumes for October when I remembered this length of dark gray denim in my stash. And …well, one thing led to another and this happened.

008Not 100% done yet, I still need a zipper and a few things probably need tweaking/adjusting, but close enough for the moment.
   006The other month I bought the How To Train Your Dragon 2 Zinepak from Walmart. It included the CD, a 64 page booklet, a poster, and this fabulous night fury patch. (All of this for ten bucks, SCORE!) Obviously, I needed something suitably awesome to put it on.
012The back of the jacket. I did all the embroidery with a simple satin stitch on my little Singer. My poor sewing machine will probably never forgive me for the hours and hours of satin stitching but doesn’t it look great???
013 The camera really washes out the colors, the denim is a charcoal gray and the embroidery is dark red with some black.
Asides from the embroidery I’m thrilled with how the jacket itself came out, I’ve finally learned how to sew a jacket properly. I didn’t use any pattern, I just draped and cut how I wanted it. It took me two days, one day to construct the jacket from scratch and the second to embroider the back. I intend to add more patches or embroidery eventually, I just have to wait for the proper inspiration to hit me. I do know that I’m getting this though.
 Maybe on the left lapel or on a sleeve?
Just to make it clear, this is not a costume (though it could be included in some sort of contemporary dragon trainer outfit; gloves, boots, lots of belts with weapons hanging all over, it would be a good outfit for one of those Halloween events where you’re not sure if costumes are allowed or not) this is something I will wear frequently when the weather gets cooler (I freeze at about sixty degrees so this will probably get a lot of use).
I got some work done on my Grey Lady as well so I’ll be updating that page soon. It’s been a long time since I was that productive, I should knock our internet out more often!

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