Dragon Trainer Jacket Part 2

Inserted a zipper, gave it a pocket with zipper closure (only one right now, I should probably add a pocket to the other side but I really Hate sewing pockets, so we’ll see if I can live with one pocket)

And my patch came in, it’s bigger than I expected, it look *fabulous*

Dragon Rider patch

Dragon Rider patch


Full shot.

Full shot.

 And I’ve been fussing with the embroidery, straightening some of the letters and finishing the G and O. Some of the stitching did pucker the fabric a bit, I guess I should have used thicker interfacing. Of course the exact day after I did all the embroidery some one gave me a pile of that tear-away embroidery interfacing. Typical.  But, oh well, I’m still really pleased with how it came out. I added a thin yellow-gold border around the each letter, it really makes the red pop out better.

Updated embroidery.

Updated embroidery.

 it’s lying on my bed here so it looks really lumpy. I’m still considering adding a border around the entire thing to make it look ‘patchier’ I just can’t make up my mind how I want to do it or what I want it to look like. Wouldn’t flaming celtic knots look cool? Yeah, that’s a little above what my machine and I can do. Clearly I need to invest in a proper embroidery sewing machine soon.

The Gray Lady page is updated, go check out my progress! —>


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