Georgian Pirate Gown

My pile of unfinished costumes is still way too big for comfort but I’m sewing steadily on and I can cross something else off of my list. This costume is for my mother to wear to the the Haunted Pirate Fest in Boynton. She will wear this on the second day.

Here’s the mock up of the bodice. For some reason the mock up struck me as really cute, now I’m hoping I have enough left to do some sort of Victorian Christmas bustle dress.


The under garments: Full cotton skirt and shirt with appropriate pirate-esqe lace at the cuffs.


And the full gown with optional over skirt.


Obviously you are all smart enough to realize that the blue ribbon lacing up part of the bodice is temporary.

I want to bustle the skirt like the Georgian Robe a la Polonaise but I hit a bit of a SNAFU with this part. The skull fabric has a definite right way up, and I didn’t have enough of the fabric left to make it very full – or I did but the skulls would have been upside down. GRRRR. Also, the fabric just refuses to drap nicely when I bustle it. Ergo, we are not friends and I want to do away with ithe over skirt. We’ll see.



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