New Family Members

Introducing the two newest addition to our large family!

Meet Tallie and Meatlug (Meala)

Tallie is a Sulcata Tortoise and she’s the size of a small dog. All of our turtles are named after racetracks from the Nascar circuit so Tallie is short for Talladega. So far she’d proven very useful in keeping our lawn trimmed, since grasses make up the majority of a Sulctata’s diet we may never have to mow again!


Our actual dogs aren’t quite sure what to make of the new addition. Luckily, they’ve been raised around other animals and they quickly grew used to the large turtle wandering sedately around the house.


And this is Meatlug, a hairless guinea pig!

Isn’t she precious? This picture was taken right after she arrived and she was a little nervous, she’s since settled in and become quite demanding. Good thing I’m a professional Guinea pig spoiler.


We always pick a theme for animals and since my other Guinea pig is named Hiccup (from How To Train Your Dragon)  I always said that if I had a girl pig I would name her Astrid.

Well, I didn’t anticipate having a little girl who looks like an unearthed potato! She definitely has her own unique brand of adorable but … Astrid she’s not. Hence, Meatlug, the only female HTTYD character that she in anyway resembled. I’ve taken to calling her Meala, which I think suits my cute little potato better.

Our corgi made friends with Meala immediately. When we had to put her cage on the floor briefly, Moxie parked herself next to it and hung out with her new buddy. Meala seemed equally interested in the dog. At one point they were nose to nose, we tried to take a picture but, as soon as the camera came out, Meala did her best to thwart us and disappeared. Moxie, however, smiled for the camera.

Best Friends

Best Friends

 Please note that we do not go searching for exotic pets, we merely open our hearts and home to those in need of one. Always remember, the more exotic an animal the more intensive the care.


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