Mystery Costume part 2

Earlier I posted a sneak peek of a mystery costume that I was sewing for Halloween.

Here’s the full costume.

How about a deal, dearie?

How about a deal, dearie?

Made for and modeled by my friend with the help of Kendall, our ball python. (The snake is not part of the character, she just wanted to come out and proved very helpful with posing)


Anyone guessed who she is?

‘And if at the end of three days you can not tell my name, you must give up the child to me.’   -Grimm Brothers


If you watch Once Upon a Time you will probably recognize her as Rumpelstiltskin, AKA the Dark One. Trust me, whatever you do, don’t make a deal with him! Er, her!


Rumpel from OUAT

 Here’s the back of the coat.

Well, hello there!

Well, hello there!

I made the coat from a vinyl-ish gator skin (she found it on amazon) and brown suede. Due to Halloween in Florida not being particularly cold, I elected not to line the coat. She wore a pre-existing vest underneath it and added cuffs of the same gator skin to the top of her boots. I admit I was a little afraid of that rubbery gator skin but it wasn’t as awful to work with as I was afraid it would be. Once I figured out how to shape the collar and the ‘tails’ that hang down the front of the coat it went together perfectly. Due to the mad rush of sewing I didn’t get any full pictures of the coat on my sewing form, sorry!

Don't be afraid, dearie ...

Don’t be afraid, dearie …


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