Well,  I predicted that she was close, I was right! Valka delivered two healthy babies around 2 pm yesterday afternoon. There were signs of a third that was stillborn/unformed but we are just thankful that Valka is safe and healthy.

Though we’d been checking on her constantly she managed to give birth to both before we realized what was going on. So they’re a few minutes old at least in the first photos.

002 Brand new and still wet.

003 006 010 Still bloody.013 Family shot.015 Valka trying to discreetly squash one of the babies.

019 Drying off!030

 We had a small scare last night when we realized that Valka was still bleeding sporadically, neither of our previous mother spotted after birth. However she remained alert and eating and there has been no more blood today.

These babies are noisy little things! They’ve been running around nibbling on everything in the cage (pellets, brocoli, the plastic side of the cage, each other…) and Valka keeps looking at us expectantly as though asking, “You’re taking these things away now, right?’

Names and more pictures to follow, I’m going to go stare at my beautiful babies.


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