Ode Of The Ten Guinea Pigs

I pause my sewing to bring you this peek into my every day life. Presenting …


                 Squeak squeak squeak squeak, SQUAWK,                                             Squeak squeaky squeak, Squeak,                                           

                squeak SQUAWK squeak.

              Squeak squeak squeak, squeak squeaky,                                                   SQUAWK SQUAWK, squeak squeak.

                Squeak, squeaky, squeak squeak.

BY: Meatlug (Meala), Hiccup, Valka, Ruffnut, Astrid, The Screaming Earless, Stoick the Squawker, Tuffnut, Blind Bjorn, and Sonic the Zippleback (Zipple).

If you’ve been following our Saga of the Guinea Pigs you’re probably wondering when the last one showed up. Well, his owners have fallen onto some difficulties and so this little guy ended up joining of horde, leaving us with a staggering ten guinea pigs.


Introducing the guinea pig with the mohawk.

Introducing the guinea pig with the mohawk.

When one squeaks they all squeak. And they squeak whenever they hear the fridge open, someone walks by, someone walks down the stairs (seriously), and whenever their bowls are empty (which is frequently, they’re making up for their earlier malnutrition with gusto).

     Well, at least the turtle’s quiet.



One thought on “Ode Of The Ten Guinea Pigs

  1. Whee squeak if whee hear a bag rustle on top of all those things! Hehehe

    Hooray for us squeaky pigs!

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