‘My Eyes!’ AKA Were Our Ancestors Color Blind.

In all my reasearch for various Victorian dresses I’ve come across more than a few dresses that make out modern fashionistas faint dead away. Who ever started the myth that Victorians were dreary people who never wore color? True, Queen Victoria became fond of black and it is well known that mourning became more of an art then a state of grief. But when they weren’t wrapped up in their mourning crepe those Victorians sure loved to wear some eye-searing colors.


Here we have some sort of wrapper in a hideous orange paisley. This would have been worn around the house, not out and about. Thank goodness, because this could probably make birds drop dead from the sky.

And this? Good god, and I thought those modern camo wedding dresses looked silly!

But wait, There’s more!

Prepare yourself.

Seriously, you might want to go get some sunglasses to protect your eyes.


For more pictures of this monstrosity go check out the link at this fabulous blog dedicated to extant gowns.  http://www.extantgowns.com/2014/10/bright-plaid-late-victorian-velvet.html

Not that they all got it wrong. As a reward for making it through those first three, I saved the best for last.


Ombre dyed velvet. THIS. IS. AWESOME.

And with that black lace overlay? This woman was clearly fabulous.


So, for those who thought the Victorians were a bunch of depressed goths, sorry to burst your bubble!

These are just my personal opinions, beauty is relative and all that.


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