Dragons: Race To The Edge/My Characters Are Killing Me

So my imaginary friends kept me awake half the night by arguing with me about plot holes, and character development and one particularly loud voice screaming at me, “Are the stakes high enough?!”

Thanks guys, it’s not like a writer needs to sleep or anything.

But luckily I awoke to glorious news this morning that restored my good humor and distracted me from brooding about killing off every one of my trucelent characters.

 I’ve been anxiously awaiting news of the third season of Dreamworks Dragons. The title was released a while ago but that was pretty much all we had. Today they finally released the first trailer and the release date!


Dragons: Race to The Edge will premier on June 26th. I know I’m not the only crazy Dragons fan who is shrieking right now. The trailer is on their official facebook page and shows a glimpse of the new dragons the season will be introducing and an artifact called the Dragon’s Eye.

This season will take place about a year before the events of How To Train Your Dragon 2 so the gang is older than in the first two seasons, they did a great job of updating their appearances. The animation looks superb and I’m confident that this will be the best season yet.

If I can watch it.

In an unfortunate twist it was revealed a while back that the season was going to be exclusively on Netflix. I don’t have Netflix, I don’t want Netflix. And I know that a lot of other people are in the same situation. Was this a good move on Dreamworks part? I don’t know, for their sake I hope so, but it sucks for those of us who have to wait.

Luckily, it’s worth waiting for.

Well, off to try to fix up this mess of a novel so that I can get some sleep tonight!


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