Jewish Glass Breaking Bags

I found a picture of a unique sewing project I did last year that I forgot to share. Last year my Jewish aunt wed her partner of 20+ years. You might be familiar with the custom of the groom stepping on a glass in a bag as part of the ceremony. In this case there was no groom and both aunts wanted to be the one to step on the glass. Not being particularly orthodox, it was decided they would both step on a glass. How does this relate in any way? Well, guess who had to sew the bags!

My aunt picked the fabric and decorations and I came up with the design.


The bags close with a drawstring and on the end of the drawstring is rhinestoned heart.

I had no idea if this was an appropriate design or not but my aunts loved them. During the ceremony the lady officiating (I forget the official title for she is, sorry) paused and asked who had made the bags, she loved them!

When it came time to step on the glass in the bags my aunts carefully wiped their shoes on the carpet before stepping on the bags, much to the amusement of all the guests.

I’ve tried to find out if these bags have a proper name, I’d be interested if anyone could enlighten me on this!


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