A Writer’s Best Friend

Sorry It’s been quiet, I helped teach Irish Dance camp and then we had a storm that knocked the internet out for several days.


Seriously, an internet outage is a writer’s best friend. Nothing to distract you from actually writing. I busted a minor writer’s block and wrote my heart out. 30 pages in 3 days! I’m still going fairly strong and it feels wonderful, I’m finally making progress on getting this book rewritten, it’s been so long since I queried!  This is the book that I wish I’d written the first time around.

Which brings me to an interesting question. How can my perception/opinion of something change so fast? When I first started querying the original work I was thrilled with it. I didn’t think it could get any better and I didn’t think it needed to because it was, obviously, perfect. Well, thank goodness all those agents told me ‘no’ because now I can so clearly see that it was sub par at best. How can we be so blind to our own work? Am I only seeing it now because I’ve improved in my abilities to write and craft a story? Or do I just feel this way because I’m sick of it?  Am I going to look at my current work a year from now and see nothing but junk?  

As a seamstress who’s constantly learning and improving, I won’t wear old work because it no longer is an accurate example of my skill level. I suppose the same is true with writing and since I’m never going to stop learning or improving am I always going to be embarrassed by past work?

Well, that post went down hill fast, I’m not bi-polar, I swear, this is just something I think about a lot and it all came pouring out. Would love to hear your thoughts!