Corset Drafting

I know it’s been a little quiet here this summer, feel free to blame my dance school! This year I helped teach a record three dance camps! The final camp finished yesterday now it’s time to write and sew nonstop with no interruptions or procrastinating!  *reality laughs its stupid head off*

Well, anyway, I have been working on stuff between dance camps. The perfect corset has yet evaded making its way onto my list of accomplishments but not for lack of trying.  My first attempt at a ‘corset’ involved tubes of unlined, unboned fabric with holes ripped in the edges to lace them up. Give me a break, I was little!

I’ve improved but not enough, here is my latest corset:

Wrinkles!!!!!!!!! Oh, and the center panel is  slightly crooked :D

Wrinkles!!!!!!!!! Oh, and the center panel is slightly crooked 😀

First of all, wrinkles everywhere, I didn’t take the time to add a third layer of fabric to give it the necessary strength.

Second, where did my boobs go? I did not cut the bust wide enough to comfortably accommodate them. This type of under garment is not meant to flatten the chest like the renaissance stomachers. Solution? For this corset I could add gores into the bust (and probably the hips, when you are constricting your waist the mass has to go somewhere) for future corsets I need to redraw the pattern to better accommodate my bust.


Third: Weak boning, see how it’s buckling under the strain of the tight lacing? (though, to be fair, my mother laced me up and I’m pretty sure she was trying to suffocate me, I’ve never been laced this tight before). For me this is less of a problem then the others because I knew I was using cheap plastic, since this was really just a test corset.

I might hack into this one just to see what sort of changes I can make to it to make it comfortable and wearable then use what I learn in the future. For now I’m playing around with patterns:

New pattern with increased bust.

New pattern with increased bust.

 This is not a historical pattern, just an idea I’m playing with that includes a dramatic sweatheart cut.

Looking better.

Looking better.

Just sewn together to see what it looks like, still lots to do!


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