Talk Like A Pirate Day and Other Things

I’ve been neglecting the blog. I apologize deeply for being a terrible blogger.

But it’s not because nothing has been happening! In my last post I mentioned my new business well since then I’ve landed my first show and made my first Etsy sale! Writers- don’t hate me but getting that email from Etsy was better than an agent requesting pages! (Because, let’s face it, you only have like 98% chance of that agent going for your work)

Next month I will be vending at the Boynton Beach Haunted Pirate Fest! This has been one of my favorite events since it’s inception. And it gets better, the wonderful people running the event agreed to have us dance there as well! Pirate fest-Irish dancing-my first show … yeah, I’m over the moon.

Anyway, with my first show in slightly more than a month, it’s time to crack that whip and sew, sew, sew. Seeing as today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day (I woke up to my parents having an ‘Arrrrrrgh’ off …) I threw together a quick photo shoot with a newly completed stock piece.

060 062 

I had a beach day planned in order to shoot some proper photos but the “Sunshine State”  *cough dripping sarcasm cough* didn’t feel like cooperating as we’ve had back to back rainy days. so I threw some old fabric and Halloween props together for an appropriately cheesy backdrop.

The coat/vest/bodice thing I’m wearing is actually a size or two to big for me, I relied on the belt to make it semi fit me. (This was deliberate, I’m selling it)

063 064

Like this piece? Head over to for more pictures!


Aaaand I just realized exactly how bad a blogger I’ve been. Back in June our family acquired yet another member. Meet Molly!

Molly loves to dress up.

Molly loves to dress up.

She’s half dachshund, half miniature pinscher and all adorable. She came from a bad situation and has clearly been abused. Since we already had three dogs the last thing we needed was a fourth but… well… I mean, look at that face! She has become extremely devoted to me and fits into our household like she’s always been here. Apparently she’d been abandoned at the pound twice and was in danger of going back a third time (the boyfriend  didn’t want a dog or some nonsense ) but now she’s happy and has found her forever home.


“Oh, hi, you wanted to take a picture of me, right?”

And she’s a terrible ham…

Me and my first mate.

Me and my first mate.