The Annual October Sewing Panic

So. Many. Things. To stress about!

Less than a month till my first show. Do I have enough wares? Will I be ready? Will anything actually sell? Should I put more stuff on Etsy or reserve it as stock for the show? And if it doesn’t sell at the show will it be too late to sell on Etsy because the Halloween costume shopping season will be over?

On top of this plethora of worries there’s the ‘normal’ Halloween sewing madness going on. This year my best friend is taking me to Disney World to attend the Not So Scary Halloween Party (which, despite its lack luster name, actually sounds awesome!) Costumes are allowed so obviously we are taking full advantage of this and I am sewing two entire gowns for the event. More on those to come!

Just because I apparently like to test myself to the limit, we decided at the last moment to have a Haunted House at our house this year in our backyard. There are costumes to make, props to create, scenes to set, scripts to write and the ‘actors’ and helpers keep bailing on me!!

Oh well, who needs sleep anyway?

With all this weighing on me, every finished piece feels like a small victory. My latest completed piece is particularly notable to me  because I finally feel comfortable with sewing corsets. I mentioned my corseting troubles back here

I needed a break from pirate so I dug out some scraps of cotton and on a whim made this Autumn inspired corset, which turned into a full Autumn Fairy Dress.


My self-drafted pattern is much improved, it’s comfortable and everything stays where they’re supposed *ahem* . I was wary of the steel boning but now I can’t believe I ever tried to get along with out it. If you are getting into corseting, take my advice. Bite that bullet and buy the steel boning. Plastic does not cut it. Yes it’s pricey but it is well worth it.

So comfortable I kind of wish I was keeping it.

So comfortable I kind of wish I was keeping it.


Observe how I manage to look serene when I’m actually freaking out because I know I should be working instead of posing.

If you like the look of this outfit check it out on my Etsy shop! There is still time before Halloween!

As for me … well, I guess I better go get to work. You know what they say: You can sleep when your dead after October!




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