Haunted Pirate Fest 2015-Vending!

After months of prep my first show has come and gone! I’ve always enjoyed this festival as a patron and I enjoyed the experience of spending the weekend as a vendor. So how did it go? Financially better than I expected. I’m not rolling in money but since I secretly feared I wouldn’t make a cent I’m pretty happy! And again, first show, you can only expect so much. The learning experience was the true prize, I’m full of ideas for the next show. Most of all, I had fun. My family all pitched in to help, my best friend spent the weekend with me, my booth was right next to our friends’ booth, and I got to share the event with my dance school!

Fussing with the displays.

Fussing with the displays.

I rearranged the booth several times so that the dance table and my wares got equal exposure, and also to experiment with what worked best. I somehow forgot to get a picture of the dance table so you’ll just have to believe that it’s out front!


Sue got to come out for the weekend, she seemed to enjoy the attention!



Last time I hire a pirate to help with the booth …


My main piece sold the first day!

008It’s badly displayed on a hanger, clearly some more forms are on my future shopping list.


We performed Saturday evening, leaving my mom to watch the tent for me. We pulled together a pirate themed performance to suit the occasion:

Opening reel

Opening reel

My old Ren Fair dance costumes got an upgrade.


The little girls were decked out as mermaids and danced to Pirates of the Caribbean 4’s Jolly Sailor Bold mixed with a light jig.


And my friend and I were given permission to come up with a special pirate routine using a hornpipe, He’s A Pirate, and mixing in some sword fighting!

P1020091 P1020084 We had three practices to put this together and we had a few minor flubs on stage but we covered well enough and the crowd really got a kick out of it!

The second day of the festival my friend and I were asked on stage to dance with The Craic. My family and I have always enjoyed their high energy music and it was thrilling to be part of their last show of the day. Luckily we both had our hardshoes with us! Check out their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/craicshow, they’re seriously the nicest people!

All in all a successful weekend!


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