Not So Scary and Disney!

To finish up on all that happened in October here’s my post about the Birthday Disney trip!

My best friend and I just happen to have a birthday a day apart, I’m the 25th and she’s the 26th, this year she put together an amazing birthday trip to Disney where we also attended Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

The cool thing about NSS? You’re allowed to dress up! Obviously we weren’t passing up that chance!

I kid you not, we agonized for months about what to wear but in the end we had a stroke of genius and decided on Once Upon A Time characters. My friend as Regina, the Evil Queen, and I as Zelena, the Wicked Witch and evil (psychotic) half sister to Regina. A third friend accompanied us on this trip and at the last moment decided to accompany us in our theme and go as Rumplestiltskin. She wore the Rumplestiltskin coat I made a year ago but I had to make the Regina and Zelena costumes from scratch.

This was the dress my friend chose:


And this is Zelena’s main dress:

I toned down those weird hip pads but other wise followed the costume design.

And here is where I confess, I have almost no pictures of the finished products. I finished my dress at 11:30 the night before (and we left at 4:00 in the morning!!) and promptly fell into bed. I do have this one picture of Regina’s riding dress during its construction, half of it’s pinned and it’s missing buttons but you can see the general idea:

Minus the lace dickie she wears at the neck.

Minus the lace dickie she wears at the neck.

 The night of the event turned 0ut to be sadly rainy. We had fun no matter the weather but it didn’t make for great photo taking weather! We had a picture professionally taken in front of the castle but I havn’t gotten my hands on it yet!

Here’s one picture my friend snapped of me in my costume while we ate in Gaston’s Tavern. The rain had beaten down my hair so I gave up and put it in a bun to keep it out of the way.



The castle lit up while we awaiting the Villains show, hosted by the Sanderson sisters!!!!


And a picture of my dream home, taken earlier in the day. (AKA the Haunted Mansion)


But then there was something the really excited me. I found dresses!

We stopped in the Hall of Presidents and to my delight found two reproductions on display:

Reproduction of one of Martha Washington’s dresses. I wonder if the original dress was once black?


Reproduction of one of Ida Mckinley’s dresses


They also had a dress from a more modern first lady but eh, who cares about modern dresses.

The next day while we made our way through the line to the great movie ride I came across this gem:


Rose’s sinking coat from Titanic, this is the actual garment worn in the movie.


There were several other pieces on display but the line was moving too fast and I had to run to catch up with my friends so I didn’t see what they were :(.

We stopped in Epcot which is a place I’ve always enjoyed. however, I was IMMENSELY angry to find that the Norway section has been turned into Frozen-ville. A place that’s supposed to be dedicated to culture has been taken over by the most irritating movie to come out in this decade. If they had put the frozen related ride and shops in the Magic Kingdom I would not have cared, that’s what that park is for. But Epcot?!? I wanted to scream to Odin and rampage the place.

I did get this picture of a cool viking statue. Because Viking.

018 020

Notice the little birds perched on the scabbard?

I promise to do a proper photo shoot of the Once costumes soon!


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