Christmas Bustle Dress Sneak Peek!

On a whim I threw together this Christmas themed bustle dress out of same fabric I had hanging around. I had maybe two yards at the most in which to squeeze this dress out. Plus, the whole reason I pulled the fabric out was to make a Christmas dress for Molly (Then I had a vision of us in matching dresses and BOOM!) so I also had to squeeze enough fabric for a little dog dress out of the short length.

I didn’t pick any particular year or fashion plate to model the dress after, I mostly just draped, cut, and sewed it up however I felt like! (Though with the long bodice and minimal poofage in the back it’s more natural form)

010 008 012

The buttons pull a bit on Sue but it fits me perfectly. I also didn’t realize till now that the bustle/overskirt is a little crooked and deflated, but I only threw it on her real quick to snap a picture so my bad for being lazy!

I am trying to get together a photo shoot with some friends and other gowns, hopefully in a week or so! When it happens I’ll post on my facebook page first so be sure to go check it out!

And the little beast that started the idea.


This dog LOVES getting dressed up. Once she knows I’m sewing something for her she sits by me and watches till it’s done. As soon as the finished piece is on her she runs down to show everyone because she knows she’s the cutest darn thing ever. I tried to take a good picture but she was too excited to stand still so instead I snapped this surprise picture of her sleeping on a bag of fabric -_-


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