A Very How To Train Your Dragon Christmas

Which is obviously the best kind!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/Yule/Hannukah or whatever else you may celebrate! We had a lovely quiet Christmas in which I made out pretty good loot wise!

This year I asked for the book The Art of How To Train Your Dragon 2. I highly HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is loves HTTYD. It has tons of the original inspiration sketches and paintings plus lots of behind thes cenes insight from those behind the movie. I read it cover to cover immediately and the cover is so beautiful that the book has a place of honor on my dresser.

I was also the happy recipient of several other HTTYD themed gifts!


Ignore the obnoxiously flowered pillow.

Pictured above are: The Art of HTTYD 2, a stationary set (so what if it was intended for kids in school, I’m a writer and I want a HTTYD notebook and pen, so there!!!) and two dragon figures.

A baby Thunderdrum and a baby Monstrous Nightmare. Funny thing was the Nightmare was packaged as Hookfang, which it clearly is not. Either whoever designed them is colorblind or someone messed up the packaging! I don’t mind though, this fellow is adorable!


Meeting my Gronkle and Rumblehorn (it doesn’t count as ‘playing’ with them when you just introduce them, I mean, come on, I’m an adult!)


Ok, fine I was playing with them.

And obviously I’m excited about the next part of Race to The Edge premiering on January 8th! 



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