Queen of the Summer Seas Part 3

I hope you’ve enjoyed a look at some of what goes into making a fancy dress. But I hope you enjoy looking at the results even more!

I found a beach in Jupiter that has these amazing rock features. It’s about a mile south of Blowing Rocks Preserve, which I’d previously visited and knew was awesome, but also knew did not allow photo shoots. (If you live on the east coast of South Florida, Blowing Rocks is a sight you need to see!). The beach I found still had the amazing rock features, but no rules regarding photos. Perfect!

My friend and I packed up and drove about 45 minutes to get there. First we scouted out the terrain and marked some spots we wanted to use. And then I hauled all my gear into a grungy little beach bathroom and got dressed.

Somewhere along the way of my costuming career, and dance performances, I’ve become quite immune to feeling ‘weird’ in public. Which is a good thing, because I made one heck of a spectacle, trodding across the beach and rocks in my big floofy, hoopskirted dress. Weird looks abounded.

Ignoring the confused stares of the locals, we clambered up and down rocks for probably close to an hour. It was about 90 degrees, brilliantly sunny, super windy, and I was rock climbing in a corset and hoopskirt (Not recommended, by the way). I can’t applaud my friend enough for putting up with the heat, and climbing slippery, sharp rocks to get the best pictures possible. With the wind blowing in our ears, and me usually out on a rocky ledge, we couldn’t hear each other, but she managed to get hand signals across to get me in the pose she wanted. The beautiful pictures we got are entirely credited to her hard work. (I did feed her afterwards)


Feet tucked into a crevasse in the rocks. ^ The skirt looks like pooled water!

20170802_121909My hair is mimicking my tentacles!


The rocks took my breath away. So much of Florida is just flat, different terrain gets me excited!20170802_122120

The overskirt in action!


Out on a ledge, looking over my ‘Kingdom’ 🙂


This is my entry picture for the contest I’m entered in.^

20170802_123435 (1)

^This is my favorite shot! I love my tentacles!!



All the way out on a ledge. Funny story: I saw the ledge and said something like “oh wow, imagine a shot out there.” And my friend being a slight worry wart, panicked and yelled. “No, I forbid it!” Needless to say, two seconds later I was clambering out over the rocks. And yes, they were very slippery and very sharp. It was also difficult since I couldn’t really see where I was putting my feet! But worth it, I think!


Close up of crown, necklace, bodice detail and my friends fabulous job at doing my makeup. You remember those Rubber tentacle finger puppets I said I bought? Well here they are as the tentacles in the crown. They were a ghastly pink, so I painted them, cut them and wired them on. I knew I wanted tentacles on the crown, and I’d originally thought clay, like the necklace, but I was worried about the weight, and them being broken by general klutziness (like me whacking my head repeatedly on things) . These were light and easy to work with. Even if their existence in the fist place sort of baffles me. Who spends money on these for their intended purpose??

And that’s that! I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I find out the results of the contest in about 2 weeks. Wish me luck!


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