Toothless Dog Costume (and pattern)

On Jan. 14th I was informed that it was national dress up your pet day. Well, there was a certain costume idea going through my head and Molly adores being dressed up so off we went!


This was pretty much a one time wear costume. The material I used was some sort of plastic-y scale pattern with absolutely no strength or durability. It also ended up being shinier on camera than I had thought it would be.

 It took me about two hours to draw up the pattern and to sew together all the little weird bits. The body is sewn in two pieces with the wings and four back spikes sewn into the seam along the back. The tail is attached with velcro-Molly doesn’t really like stuff touching her tail. She was an excellent sport about it, enduring us sliding the loop over her tail to hold the piece on long enough for a picture, but we then immediately removed it. I also considered making a head-piece with Toothless’s ears and head flaps but I didn’t think she’d go for that-she loves dressing up but I always take her preferences/issues/comfort into consideration.


I was surprised at how well she managed the wings, have I ever mentioned that this dog is the biggest clutz I have ever seen? Seriously, she will trip over anything. I was sure she was going to knock into everything!

Interested in making your own Toothless costume? I took a few pictures of the pattern I drew after I had cut it out.


One side of the body cut out along with the four back ridges. For each ridge I cut two pieces then sewed them together like a pillow and stuffed a little filling inside.



Both body pieces. To the right is the leg hole and head hole, the left side extends out over the dog’s rump.

I didn’t get any picture of the wings’ construction. I made them both a different way trying to see which worked better, in the end both ways kinda sucked but did the job. You’re just going to have to experiment!


I used some wire in the wing to give it shape.


One piece of the body with the wings and ridges pinned. Note that the ridges are pinned upside down so that when they are sewn and the pieces flipped out they will be right side up. Pin the second body piece (right sides together!), sandwiching the wings and ridges. When sewn all the ends and ugly bits should be hidden beneath the seam.


As the tail wasn’t intended to last long, I simply cut out a long thin V and sewed the tail fins to the bottom. A piece of velcro held it to the body of the costume and another piece went around her tail to momentarily secure it.

177 One last picture, I couldn’t resist this one, she looks like she is contemplating murder.

A friend helped me out with a small photoshoot featuring this costumes so hopefully we get the pictures uploaded soon!

Were my fantastic photos and brilliant explanations unclear? (Impossible! *sarcasm*) Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about making your own Toothless dog costume.