St. Patrick’s Day Craziness

I probably should have guessed this would happen, St. Patrick’s Day preparation started and I completely abandoned my blog! In my defense-Damn was I busy!

Last year I made our school new performance skirts, well this year it was time to make the matching tops. You might recall that last year I made almost 30 skirts and completed two solo dresses-in two weeks. Crazy, right? I promised that there was no way that would happen again.

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Yeah yeah yeah…

With one thing and another it was suddenly the end of February and I had *Drum Roll* OVER FORTY PIECES TO SEW. And, just to be perverse, I once again had exactly two weeks to make them all. Well played universe. On top of the sewing, this year I was also in charge of making the matching headbands. Yes, thankfully headbands are a good deal easier… but I had around 20 to make.

 The new costume tops were to premier on March 11th, 8:00 Pm.

I finished sewing March 11th, 3:00 Pm.  A whole five hours to spare!

In the end I sewed 45 costume pieces (Tops, boys’ vests, and more of the skirts from last year) and made 20-25 headbands, I forget exactly. There were several days were a sewed for 15 hours…Whew!

The tops were a collaboration between myself and a local Irish Dance Solo Dress maker, LinDesigns of Florida. She did the embroidery and created the shirts. But enough talking, here are the pictures!


The front panels fresh from the embroiderer.

Embroidered with the Aranmore 'A'.

Embroidered with the Aranmore ‘A’.

The very first show to use the entire costume!

Boynton Blarney Bash, 2016

Boynton Blarney Bash, 2016

And from the parades!


Photo credit to Melissa Price of Priceless Photography.


My best friend and I ready to dance through the parade! Photo credit to Melissa Price of Priceless Photography.


In one weekend, my work danced in three parades and multiple festivals and then danced through St. patrick’s day. I know I like to complain about the work, but honestly, it’s worth every moment of it to see my hard work on stage and hear the dancers tell me how much they like it. I feel so lucky to be able to both dance and sew for my amazing school!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day season!


St. Patrick’s Day 2015

Another St. Patrick’s Day season come and gone. Our school participated in three parades and more shows and festivals than I can count. We had a lot of new choreography to memorize this year and on top of that I had thirty performance skirts to sew. AND I was hired to sew a solo dress for a girl in our school. Wait, I’m not done.

I had TWO WEEKS to sew all of it.

Well, ok, I had a couple of extra days to sew the solo dress, but still.

On top of a serious time crunch I also had to worry about running out of fabric. We ordered a bolt that we estimated had just enough fabric for all the skirts. If we had underestimated we never would have been able to get more in time.

Happily I finished with not only fabric to spare but a full day ahead of schedule (sleeping was put on the backburner for the last week). The solo dress was finished in time to be worn for the weekend shows so it was time to pack everything up and head out to dance.

Dancers on the float at Hollywood parade wearing my skirts. I'm second from the end.

Dancers on the float at Hollywood parade wearing my skirts. I’m second from the end.

The skirts are boxpleated and reversible, the other side being black with a blue edge.

The reverse side of the skirt, they're not actualy that shiny in real life, not sure why it looks so shiny here. Photo credits to a photographer SOL Exposure.

The reverse side of the skirt, they’re not actually that shiny in real life, not sure why it looks so shiny here. Photo credits to photographer SOL Exposure.

Next post: The solo dress!