Some of my Favorite Resources For Medieval/Fantasy Writers

Since I’m currently reworking my main manuscript I’ve been critiquing every aspect of the world I’ve created, trying to give it the edge of accuracy. Much of my world is (like the majority of fantasy) based on Medieval Europe precepts (but, you know, with Demons… =D ) Obviously I have worked hard to make this a unique land with its own cultures and customs but the historical accuracy nerd inside me won’t be content until I make some of this worlds’ aspects line up with their real world counterparts.

My main concern is hierarchy, both in a court/castle setting and in the military. I’m still struggling with Medieval military rankings, from my reasearch it seems like one hot mess! Might be time to create my own army ranks and structure, after all, fantasy writer!

But for everything else I have come across these sites that offer a ton of fantastic information.


This site offers a description of dozens of Medieval characters, raging from nobility, gentry peasants, clergy, etc. with an explanation of their place in things. Honestly wish I had found this one sooner!

Medieval People, Titles, Positions, Trades & Classes

Compiled by Tammie Pattie


This one is great for understanding how titles work

A Quick And Dirty Guide To Feudal Nobility


Dictionary of Medieval Words

Tired of every medieval-based character carrying a boring old sword? Pick out one of the more interesting named weapons from this list of ‘Medieval Words’. It also includes the parts of a castle and of knights armor.


Ye Olde Medieval English Terms

And to finish off, I’ve always loved old-fashioned slang (Though my favorite is Victorian!) So here is well put together list of Medieval slang, sure to bring color to any manuscript!


Well, now that we have all this knowledge, what are you waiting for?




2 thoughts on “Some of my Favorite Resources For Medieval/Fantasy Writers

  1. This is awesome! I love little morsels of knowledge like this and the subtleties are positively delightful.
    As a fantasy writer myself I appreciate the need for a variety of words to avoid using “sword” over and over again.
    Every so often I pick the most obscure subject out of my stories and see if I can learn a little more about it.
    My excursion into medieval roofing tile was highly informative.
    As for the military set up, you might take a look at Roman military instead if you’re looking for ideas.
    Great post!

    • dancingseamstress says:

      Haha! The things we end up reasearching! And that is a wonderful idea, I’ll definitely look into their military set up! My areas of interest are usually post-Roman so a little diversity will be good for me. Glad you enjoyed!

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